ACT Service Society

The ACT Service Society (ACTSS) provides students the opportunity to make curricular connections to co-curricular service experiences.  Membership in the ACT Service Society (ACTSS) is determined on a semester-to-semester basis.

ACT Service Society Eligibility:

  • Students must complete two written reflections (or multimedia presentations) that articulate a connection between the service experience and current course content.  The connection may be made to any course in which the student is currently enrolled
  • Engage in two seperate co-curricular direct service events organized by the ACT Office.
  • Participation in service within a given semester between the two events should total at least 12 hours.
    • Alternative Service Experiences are welcome; however, at least three of the 12 hours must be dedicated to a second co-curricular project.

Reflection Guidlines:

  • Briefly describe the project & community need the project intended to address

  • Explore personal role in and commitment to civic engagement

  • Introduce 2-3 major concepts from two separate current semester courses and apply them respectively to the ACT sponsored service events

Reflection Mediums:

  • Written paper
  • Poster Presentation
    • Students may choose to complete multimedia presentations in lieu of written reflections to be presented at or in association with the Spring Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium.  For students presenting a poster at the symposium, guidelines can be found online.
  • Artistic Reflection or performance

 Service Society Members will receive:

  • Membership into the ACT Service Society
  • Designated pin to be worn at graduation
  • Celebratory lunch at the end of each semester with recognition from University administration
  • Indication of membership on resume


Please contact Dr. Brian Macharg (, Sara Crouch (, or Danyelle Smith ( if you have questions or want to express your interest.