Course Forms

For REPEAT service-learning courses, the deadlines to submit your request to the Director of Civic Engagement (to list your Office of Academic Civic Engagement-sponsored course as a service-learning course in the ASU Schedule of Classes):

  • For Upcoming Spring Semester: N/A
  • For Upcoming Fall Semester: Friday March 19th

NEW service-learning courses are considered monthly at the meeting of the Service-Learning Council. If you have a new service-learning course, please

  1. Consult with your chair about your planned course, and then
  2. Email a copy of your syllabus to the Director Dr. Brian MacHarg (

Two faculty members will consult with you about your syllabus and, when you are ready, nominate to the Council that your class be designated a service-learning section.

We have created a syllabus review form to aid faculty in the preparation of and consultation about their syllabi. This form is available at the forms sidebar.

Important: In order for your class to be identified on the Registrar's course enrollment schedule for the next semester as a service-learning section, the Council must approve the class during the first monthly meeting of the current semester. This ensures that we are able to submit your class to the Registrar within the timeframe when they are building the next semester's schedule. The Council will gladly designate courses on a rolling basis, but the course may not appear on the Registrar's schedule if it is not voted on by the following dates:

  • For Subsequent Spring Semester Designation: September 21
  • For Subsequent Fall Semester Designation: February 24

For more information please contact Dr. Brian MacHarg, Director of Civic Engagement at ( 828-262-2545.