Partnership Agreement (DOCX, 62 KB): Meant for setting expectations between the student, community partner, and faculty prior to the student's work beginning. This is an optional form that teachers may use.

ASU Faculty & Community Partner SL-CBR Checklist (DOC, 30 KB): Designed to increase communication between faculty and community partners. This checklist can help ensure important conversations happen surrounding issues that may arise during the semester.

Syllabus Review Form (DOC, 37 KB): This form can aid you in the preparation of your syllabus, and will be used by experienced service-learning faculty as they consult with you about your planned course.

ACT Guidelines and Limitations Form (DOC, 34 KB): Meant for setting expectations of proper student behavior.

ACT Participation Form (DOC, 30 KB): Meant for setting expectations of student risk and liability.