Faculty Fellows Program

Are you interested in learning how to utilize service-learning pedagogy to enhance your teaching, research, and service? The Faculty Fellows Program has been developed to provide ASU faculty with the opportunity to learn how to effectively integrate service-learning into their courses.

"These workshops are excellent and chock full of extremely pertinent, helpful information. I wish everyone contemplating a service-learning course could attend!" ~ 2006-07 Faculty Fellows Participant

"I think the structure of a 2-day seminar together worked VERY well. We were able to cover so much material – but more importantly, I learned so much from my colleagues." ~ 2013-14 Faculty Fellows Participant

Application Process & Requirements

Contact Brian MacHarg (machargbd@appstate.edu) to express your interest. Up to 14 applicants can be accepted in a given year. Training is conducted in both the fall and spring semesters. The fall cohort meets on a Monday and Wednesday whereas the spring cohort meets on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Applicants will:

  • Be any faculty member of any rank.
  • Agree to attend all programs within the Service-Learning Workshop Series (see below)
  • Agree to create at least one new service-learning course and/or adapt an existing course to include service-learning or community-based research within one year of completing the program
  • Agree to prepare a presentation to your Department regarding what you gained from the program
  • Be encouraged to attend North Carolina Campus Compact's Pathways to Achieving Civic Engagement (PACE) Conference (optional)

Faculty Fellows Incentives

  • A stipend for participation in the Service-Learning Workshop Series (amount to be determined based on budget)
  • A stipend upon proof of conference proposal submission (amount to be determined based on budget)
  • Two textbooks and multiple journal articles provided by Academic Civic Engagement
  • The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across disciplines.

Sample Workshop Series Agenda

Workshops are held over a two-day period. The sessions are experiential in design, with faculty absorbing material before the workshop begins. The time in the workshops is devoted to discussion and practical application. A luncheon on a third day allows for consultation with experienced service-learning faculty on planned syllabi. By the time participants finish the series, they have a syllabus ready for designation as a service-learning class. Typically, workshops will involve these sessions

  • Service-Learning: Pedagogy and Best Practices
  • Service-Learning Considerations
  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Learning Objectives Peer Review
  • Community Partnerships
  • Reflection
  • Creating Reflection Assignments
  • The Scholarship of Engagement

Previous Faculty Fellows

You are encouraged to network with previous Faculty Fellows participants:

Fall 2023: Mac-Jane Crayton (Govt. and Justice Studies), Cary Curlee (Interdisciplinary Studies), Morgan DePue (English), Maddy Rizzo Fitzgerald (General Education), Robert Freeland (Sociology), Jessica Martell (Interdisciplinary Studies), April McGinnis (English), Larice Moran (English), Adam Newmark (Govt. and Justice Studies), Nese Ozkan (Anthropology), Elizabeth Perego (History), Bob Richie (Rhetoric and Composition), Elise Weaver (Astronomy), Ruth Carmi (Sociology). 

Fall 2022: Savannah Murray (English), Vicente Handa (Curriculum & Instruction), Shannon Cline (Recreation Management), Qingqing Sun (Applied Design)

Spring 2022: Renata Carneiro (Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences), Elizabeth Deifell (Languages), Christopher Marier (Govt and Justice Studies), Liz Kunkel (Languages), Susan McCracken (Career Development Center), Jacqueline Tilton (Management), Garrett Jackson (University College - FYS), Marta Rosa Calvo (Department of Languages), Cuong Mai (Philosophy and Religion), Anneliese Thomae Elias (Languages)

Fall 2021: Fabio Andres Tellez (Applied Design), Ritesh Mukul Sheth (Computer Information Systems), Sarah Donovan (Social Work), Kendra Souza (Languages), Lisa Emery (Psychology)

Spring 2021: Belinda Walzer (English), Sophia Dent (Anthropology), Juhee Woo (Sociology), Sydeena Isaacs (Nutrition)

Spring 2020:  D. Jason Miller (Applied Design), Jiangxue Han (Communication), Rebecca Yoon (ESL)

Fall 2019:  Chelsea Helms (Applied Design), Rebecca Liljestrand (Health and Exercise Science), Maddy Fitzgerald (General Education), Shanshan Lou (Communication), Don Presnell (General Education), Nana Vezi-Magigabe (Social Entrepreneurship, visiting International Scholar), Mary Schoenhals (General Education/Anthropology), Debra Prykanowski (Reading Education, Special Education)

Spring 2019: Lynette Holman (Communication), Julia Callander (Cultural, Gender, & Global Studies), Chris Meade (English), Alice Wright (Anthropology)

Fall 2018: Katy Abrams (English), Laura Ammon (Philosophy & Religion), Jeffrey Foreman (Marketing), Sandie Gravett (Philosophy & Religion), Becki Turpin (Nursing)

Fall 2017: Patricia Lanners-Kaminski (German), Newly Paul (Journalism), Erin Bouldin (Exercise Science), Alisha Farris (Nutrition)

Spring 2017: Mark Bradbury (Public Administration), Jason Xiong (Information Systems), Carolyn Edy (Journalism), Lindsay Masland (Psychology).

Fall 2016: Jamie Sanchagrin (Sociology), Kristina Heiks (English), Andrea McDowell (Anthropology), Jennifer Zwetsloot (Health and Exercise Science), Erin Bouldin (Health and Exercise Science)

Spring 16: Dr. Elizabeth Shay (Geography and Planning), Dr. Adam Hege (Health and Exercise Science), and Dr. Vickie Hughes (Health Sciences, Nursing)

Fall 15: Tonya Coffey (Physics and Astronomy), Kathryn Webb-Farley (Government and Justice Studies), James Houser (Technology & Environmental Design), Benjamin Powell (Management), and Andrew Jenkins (Botany)

Spring 15: Amanda Finn (English), Hailie Bryant (English), Emily Dakin (Social Work), Andrew Hill (English), and Mark Nunes (Cultural, Gender and Global Studies)

Fall 14: Victoria Lozano (English), Jeff Bortz (History), Brian Smenthkowski (Faculty and Academic Development), Kin-Yan Szeto (Theater and Dance), and Susan Lane (Nursing).

Spring 14: Kristen Baldwin Deathridge (History), Leah Hamilton (Social Work), CC Hendricks (English), Louis Keegan (Communication Sciences and Disorders), Dana Powell (Anthropology).

Fall 13: Pia Albinsson (Marketing), Anne Marie Gloster (Nutrition and Health Care Management), Lilian Nave Goudas (Art), Beth Hauser (English), Brad Nash (Sociology), Mike Potter (Government and Justice Studies), and Rachel Wilson (Curriculum and Instruction).

2012-13: CeCe Conway (English), Laura DeSisto (Leadership & Educational Studies), Mark Freed (Appalachian Studies), William Lindley (Appalachian Studies), Terence Milstead (Geography & Planning), Robin Moeller (Library Science), Lisa Poling (Curriculum & Instruction), Xiaofei Tu (Philosophy & Religion), and Susan Weinberg (English)

2011-12: Linda Veltze (Leadership & Edu Studies), Janet Montgomery, Tatyana Ruseva (Government & Justice Studies), John Paul Jameson (Psychology), Kim Becnel (Education), Chip Debelius(Technology & Environmental Design), Amy Trawick (Education)

2010-11: Dr. Rebecca A. Battista (Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science), Dr. Susan Doll (Technology & Environmental Design), Dr. Melissa Gutschall (Nutrition & Health Care Mgt.), Dr. Cindy Spurlock (Communication), Elizabeth West (English)

2009-10: Dr. Joy James (Health, Leisure & Exercise Science), Dr. Nita Matzen (Leadership & Educational Studies), Dr. Lynn Siefferman (Biology), Dr. Paul Wallace (Leadership & Educational Studies).

2008-09: Dr. Kevin Kennedy (Foreign Languages & Literatures), Dr. Suzi Mills (Music), Ms. Cinda Payne (Psychology), Dr. Sung Roh (Government & Justice Studies), Dr. Rob Sanders (Leadership & Educational Studies), Dr. Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand (Foreign Languages & Literatures/Global Studies), and Dr. Shea Tuberty (Biology).

2007-08: Dr. Robin Byerly (Management), Dr. Amy Galloway (Psychology), Dr. Mandy Harrison (Health, Leisure, & Exercise Science), Dr. Andy Heckert (Geology), Dr. Janice Pope (Communication), Ms. Sharon Price (English), and Dr. Diane "Daisy" Waryold (Human Development & Psychological Counseling).

2006-07: Ms. Janet Beck (LAP & English), Dr. Josh Broman-Fulks (Psychology), Dr. Dan Leitch (Language, Reading, & Exceptionalities), Dr. James Peacock (Sociology), and Ms. Anna Ward (Theatre & Dance).

2005-06: Dr. Carol Babyak (Chemistry), Dr. Victoria Cox (Spanish), Dr. Joe Gonzalez (IDS), Dr. Beverly Moser (German), Dr. Patricia Napiorski (Spanish), and Dr. Colin Ramsey (English).