Don't Cancel That Class!  If you have a conference, family obligation or research appointment that will require you to miss a class that you are scheduled to teach, instead of cancelling class, you are invited to contact the office of academic civic engagement to schedule a presentation regarding service-learning, community engagement and civic responsibility.  Where possible, the presentation will be tailored to have students consider civic responsibility within the academic discipline at hand.  

If interested, please complete the "Don't Cancel that Class" form on the left to arrange for coverage of your class in this manner. 

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program can also offer class visits to talk about documentation, editing, organization, avoiding plagiarism, reflective writing, rhetorical analysis, or any writing-related lesson you feel your students could benefit from.  To discuss possibilities, please contact Georgia Rhoades at
The Office of Career Development is also available to provide in-class presentations on days faculty might be out.  To discuss possibilities, please contact Susan McCraken at

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Over the years, we've created a number of in-house guides, tip sheets, checklists, criteria to help faculty improve their service-learning and community-based research courses. Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read many of these files. Once you've had a chance to look over these, check out the Faculty Development section of our site to find even more resources for deepening your instruction.

Service-Learning Books & Journals

In addition to these resources, and the books/journals/videos available through the ACT Resource Library, the Western North Carolina Library Network has a variety of books on service-learning history, course integration, evaluation, etc.


Although there are many websites that provide quality service-learning information and resources, some of our favorites for those who are just getting started are: