Designated Service-Learning Faculty Scholars

As a result of the commitment it takes to be a service-learning faculty, the Appalachian State Service-Learning Council has implemented a Service-Learning Scholars Program to recognize and reward faculty for their dedication to improving their teaching effectiveness, as well as engaging in scholarship/service within the service-learning field. We encourage faculty to participate in this program as a way to enhance their tenure and promotion portfolios.

In order to be designated a Service-Learning Scholar a faculty must have

  • Had one syllabus designated a service-learning section by the Service-Learning Council AND
    • Have participated in the Faculty Fellows Program OR
    • Have taught one or more service-learning courses for more than 2 years OR
    • Have at least 80% of students complete the service-learning assessment at the end of the semester with "strongly agree" or "agree" scores averaging 80% or more all Likert scale questions.
  • In addition, faculty must have done ONE of the following:
    • Conducted service-learning research individually, or as part of a team;
    • Worked collaboratively with students on a community-based research project;
    • Published at least one article on service-learning or community-based research in a peer-reviewed journal;
    • Served on a local non-profits agency's advisory board;
    • service on the Appalachian State Service-Learning Council

The Service-Learning Council will oversee this annual review process. A letter of interest in this program, curriculum vita, and supporting materials are due on November 1st to the Director of Civic Engagement. Please submit materials via campus mail (Dr. Brian MacHarg, ACT, 134 Plemmons Student Union), or fax (828-262-8078).

For opportunities to get started on your pedagogy or scholarship and service to become a designated service-learning faculty, please contact Dr. Brian MacHarg (see above for contact information).